01 1 / 2013

Whenever a student handed in an essay or paper on something historical or social studies related, I typically just glanced over the works cited page.  I didn’t really look into things much unless I suspected plagiarism from the reading and I’m not big on requiring in-text citations.

I am trying out a new strategy with my next project.  As students research, they are to write down the source information on a note card AND what information they are getting from this source.  I remind them that they must put it in their own words as well.  Then, I will collect these note cards and look them over to see where they got their information and what information they got from each source.  

What are your thoughts and advice?

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    I learned to research from my 9th grade English teacher like this, and I still do it this way. Now that I’m writing much...
  6. shellbeth02 answered: Excellent strategy! I use note cards all the time for my high school health science class. It is a process with research.
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    I do notecards like this for my classes but my department requires triple the amount of cards
  8. dylansprouselover08 answered: ummmm, i dont like to read thts to long can u shorten it pwease thnx
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    I do an annotated bibliography. Then, they do research note cards. The research cards have the source author top right,...
  11. releasingtomorrowsgifts answered: Perhaps they can create note cards digitally?
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    Sounds like solid practice to me as a scaffolding device. Perhaps, assign students to do research only once or twice?...
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    So as a disclaimer, I’m not a teacher or up on education theory or anything. I’m a college student/maybe-future-teacher...
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    I like making my students hand write notes for their sources. It teacher them to focus on putting things in their own...
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