26 3 / 2013

We were discussing how the Jews and other groups attempted to flee Germany when the Nazis came to power and were forcing the Nuremberg Laws down on everyone, long before the ghettos and camps.  We watched a video in which a women discussed how difficult it was to get into the United States at the time and how many countries shut their borders to the Jews.

A student asked, “If they knew what was going on in Germany and that these people were being treated so poorly and their lives were threatened, why didn’t they just let them into the United States.”

Suddenly it hit me… I used a comparison to today’s world!

“Many students in my classes make hateful comments about immigrants who try to come to our country from Mexico.  Many of these immigrants are also trying to escape terrible situations that are filled with death, disease, and poverty.  Yet, many in the current US media and and some people seem to not want to allow them into the country.  Just like right before WWII when the Jews wanted to escape to America and many people did not help them and wanted strict quotas to keep more immigrants out.  I can’t explain it but it seems like many people in America don’t want to share America or at least want to restrict immigration throughout history.”

Or something like that…

Many students were actually shocked with the comparison and agreed that it does feel similar and they really don’t know why America and Americans tend to fear immigration to their country (except for the whole taking peoples jobs idea).

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    Had a similar discussion with my students about Jews in Germany and refugees in Australia during my prac. Sadly, it’s a...
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    I think it’s great you took the opportunity to connect events from the past to our present, to make things more real for...
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