04 5 / 2013

I have learned a lot of the past two years about building rapport with students.  It has helped that I’ve taught the same students pretty much for these two years as well but it also seems like I’ve built up other connections.

- I attend almost all of the home volleyball games because I supervise them or run the score clock.  This lets my students know that I am there to support them and I’m pretty much the only actual teacher that does this.  In fact, my students bug me to come to all their other games pretty much all the time.

- I participated in the school musical.  That’s right, I actually played a role. I know so much more about my students from interaction backstage and really having fun in our performances and practice.

- I chaperone all the dances.  Not only do I get paid to do this, but I get a chance to see all my students have fun and socialize.  Not to mention that my students generally like having me there because of my personality. 

- I hang out in the hallways between classes and I pop into random classes when they have the door open.  So…I’m constantly around!

Might be some helpful hints for some other future teachers out there.  It has helped with my classroom management problems and helped me to build a better rapport with all my students.

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